Thanks Facebook

So I was fiddeling arround with Facebook-Integration and suddenly noticed that I can no longer publish to facebook. They turned of the fucking API features. Now you can’t even test Apps on your own profile anymore.  And I was fucking clicking arround and wondering what the fuck is going on.  Could have at least send me a notification or an email or something. There wasn’t even an error message pointing to the problem. Just “ERROR”. Thanks for wasting time. Why the in the name of Jesus do they make it so unecessary complicated to publish something via an api anyway? At least their stock is tanking really hard. That gives me some hope.

Facebook is a fucking waste of time. Even automating it is a fucking waste of time.

Fuck Facebook seriously. I better go back to reddit now.

Sorry for the rant.



WTF Google

WTF Google

I just noticed that Google Chrome puts a www. in front of the URL, even if you don’t type it in. I don’t use Google Chrome, so I didn’t know about this.

So gets changed to

So thanks google for deliberately sending visitors of my site to a non-existent subdomain. Does this feature serve any purpose ? This is just annoying.

I added a redirect now. will be coming back online

So has been down completly for over a week now.
At last there’s some information about the incident.

Appearently they have a hardware failure and are working on it.
I mean, okay this stuff happens but at least notify your users about it.
one single tweet would have been sufficient.
Instead everywhere on Twitter and Reddit people were asking themselves,
if soup is now down for good and if they took it down without saying something.
This is one of the reasons, I started this shitpost Blog.
Soup is definitly not reliable enough.
I will probably continue using it nevertheless and always keep in mind,
that one day all the data might be gone.
It’s okay if they don’t have ressources for customer support,
but c’mon … not even a single word for more than a week of downtime ?
Anyway, no worries. I hope its back up soon and they didn’t loose too much data.

just say something next time 🙂




hotel wlan rant

Seriously…. who develops these shitty systems for hotel wifi ?
I know , I know , it’s been said a thousand times…
But I’m sitting here in Austria in a fucking hotel and guess what.

  • No wifi encryption
  • password security is a joke
  • They redirect all sites to the login site
  • I get a thousand certificate warnings
  • need 10 minutes to think of a site which doesn’t default to https
  • finally -> login
  • I wan’t to establish a ssl vpn tunnel
  • can’t connect with openvpn
  • can’t connect with IRC
  • can’t access my NAS
  • can’t connect with SSH
  • Search for free https tunneling solutions
  • give up

at least it’s fucking slow as fuck and the connection is terrible,
so we got that going … *sigh*

reminder to myself : run openvpn on 443