Praise Synology

Synology is awesome …. here’s why…

The Blue Blinking LED of Death

So my Diskstation died yesterday. It went down a few times with no apparent reason and at the end was totally toast. I had the infamous Blue Blinking LED of Death. As a compulsive Datahoarder, I started to get nervous pretty quickly. I tried to get the thing working again with all sorts of tips from various forums and websites. No luck. After a couple of hours I gave up and realized this thing is absolutly borked. It’s a few years old and has no warranty anymore…

So I said fuck it… Ordered a new model with overnight express. There goes 400 Bucks.


I waited 24 hours and was eagerly awaiting dorbell. DING DONG. My new NAS was here. At this point I was expecting to waste at least half a day setting everything up again. I thought I had to do at least some configuration. Or importing a backup of some kind…. to my suprise that wasn’t case. I just plugged in my RAID Array and booted the thing. It asked me if I wanted to migrate and after that it rebooted for a couple of minutes. As soon as it was back online everything was there. Literally everything. Even the Videostation had all settings and thumbnails. The library didn’t need indexing. Every little thing was the same as before.

Now that’s what I call a seamless migration. 20 Minutes after the package delivery I’m sitting here and writing this post. Orilla is back online after 24 hours of outage and I’m back in the Datahoarding business. Very cool. It’s very satisfying when stuff just works.