Hello World again !

So welcome to my new site.

As you might notice I blasted out a few posts all at once.

This is a little appetizer what’s to come.

I post stuff from all arround the intertubez which I find interesting, funny, educational or worthy to be spreaded.

The categories are all over the place and I plan to post about news, philosophy, politics, technology, science and of course cats. Really anything cool which I stumble upon.

Now and then I plan to post about my own projects or thoughts on specific topics with a little more substance and original content.

So stay tuned.

And I hope you come back to visit some time.

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The EM Drive

If you read science articles you probably read a lot about the EM Drive in the recent past.

As we all know science journalism is not about science but more about clicks and Sensationalism. So if you want to hear a realistic view on the EM Drive, I recommend watching the latest PBS Space time about it.

They explain it really well.

but now it sounds not so exciting anymore 😉

Giuliani knows how to hire cyber people

The Register reports That the Giuliani Security website is pretty ancient.

And on twitter some guy posted an nmap scan of the box.

Right after this went public, they took down the A Record DNS entry …

but people quickly figured out it is still available over the IP address.

to break it down for you:

  • a lot of open ports
  • running openssh version 4.7 ( lol )
  • OS must be 9 to 10 years old at least
  • could be a NAT or a single box ( either way it’s funny )
  • expired ssl
  • Exposed cms login
  • using joomla install from 2013
  • ssh, pop3 (?), imap, smtp, mysql, ldap ALL open to the public
  • looks like a honeypot from 1999 or a metasploitable installation

In case you don’t know Giuliani: It’s the former New York mayor, which Trump hired for his Cyber-Business.

good lord… He will surely hire the best people


33c3 Talks

The best 33c3 Talks from december:

Visualizing the Riemann zeta function and analytic continuation

Riemann Hypothesis explained the awesome way:


I instantly subscribed to this channel, he has a lot more videos like this and explains math in a cool way.

also a good watch is this one: Who cares about topology?

for a shorter and more straight forward explanation for the Riemann Hypothesis there is also the Numberphile video