Optically Clear Aluminum

Optically Clear Aluminum Provides Bulletproof Protection.

Technically known as aluminum oxynitride, Star Trek fans may be more familiar with the term β€œtransparent aluminum” first proposed by Scotty in the 1986 movie,Β Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. While ALON isn’t quite what Scotty had in mind (it’s not truly a transparent metallic aluminum, but rather a transparent aluminum-based ceramic), it’s pretty darn close.

Computer ?

Synology and the DTS issue

Today I noticed, that certain video files from my Synology would not play in the browser. I quickly found out, it’s an issue with DTS Audio Tracks, which appearently has been arround for ages. The Synology is not new, but I never noticed until now, because I mostly just played videos over NFS. But the Video Station also gives you the ability to play them over the browser, which is nice to have if you are not at home and want to play videos over a remote computer or your phone. So the only solution to get rid of this issue, as it seems, is just converting the files to have another audio format. I made a really simple script to help me with that. I didn’t want to do this manually since I have a lot of video files.

So if anyone has the same issue… a simple loop will do :

will probably need to leave it on over the night πŸ™‚


# Script for identifying DTS Audiotracks on the NAS
# and convert them to a specific target folder


if [ ! -d ${TARGET} ]; then
    mkdir -p ${TARGET}
if [ ! -d ${MOVIE_DIR} ]; then
    echo "ERROR: could not find directory"
    exit 1
rm -f $LOGFILE
toucn $LOGFILE
find ${MOVIE_DIR} -type f | while read file
        filename=$(basename ${file})
        mediainfo ${file} | grep -q  "DTS"
        if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
            echo "\e[1;31mFOUND DTS FILE:\e[0;33m ${filename}\e[0m"
            echo ${filename} >> ${LOGFILE}
            echo "converting the file and saving it to $TARGET"
            ffmpeg -i ${file} ${TARGET}/${filename}
            echo "\e[0;32mnot a DTS file:\e[0;34m ${filename}\e[0m"

Hello World again !

So welcome to my new site.

As you might notice I blasted out a few posts all at once.

This is a little appetizer what’s to come.

I post stuff from all arround the intertubez which I find interesting, funny, educational or worthy to be spreaded.

The categories are all over the place and I plan to post about news, philosophy, politics, technology, science and of course cats. Really anything cool which I stumble upon.

Now and then I plan to post about my own projects or thoughts on specific topics with a little more substance and original content.

So stay tuned.

And I hope you come back to visit some time.

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