follow up to a previous post

I have followup to my previous post. While the video was quite interesting I want to clarify that I advice to stay away from this guy if you want to do personal development.

EDIT: Serious talk for a second… Okay I watched some more videos of this guy and looked up spiral dynamics. Spiral Dynamics is interesting and a helpful model to understand people and their very diverse values. Of course you can’t take it literally but you can use it to understand people and value structures…. But I watched some more videos of this Leo guy. And while some of his videos are quite interesting. Some of them are very dangerous to the point where I actually believe he’s a malignant manipulator and hypnothizes people to fuel their ego. I can’t be sure but I have a strange feeling about him. So I think it’s better to stay away from this guy if you are looking to do personal development. Don’t get me wrong he seems to be a smart guy and has some insights which are quite helpful. But he contradicts himself a lot and some of his stuff make the impression that he’s more of a narcisstic cult leader. Remember …. The less you know the more you think you know and he seems to give easy answers to profound questions. Nothing is that simple and nobody is above manipulation. Just be carefull